Who is BraaiPlank™

This is the story about how the BraaiPlank™ started.

When Cedric got tired from his overflowing plate while dishing up all the delicious meat at the braai, and from using small cutting boards to offer steak tasters to his tjommies as starters at the braai, he decided to use his unique skills as a carpenter to make something better.

Ced partnered up with a local woodshop owner, an Aussie from a tool hire shop here in Durban North, and together they created something that has changed the way South Africans share starters at the braai FOREVER!

They created the biggest, thickets and hardest, plate/serving platter/carving board that South Africa has ever seen—the BraaiPlank!

And no, this is not your ordinary plank, let me show you why.

Step 01. Plank Gets CNC Routed

The first step in the manufacturing process is to get the sauce holders, salt holders, holding grooves and meat juice stoppers engraved by a high spec CNC router.

The planks then get's shipped back to our assembling facility, this is where the real work starts!

NOTE: We currently have two BraaiPlank wood type options. Our original option here is compact Pine, and our premium option here is made from Grandis Hard Wood.

Step 02. Aggressively Sanded

Next, we aggressively sand the planks to make sure they are as smooth as possible.

This process takes time and is back breaking, but it's a critical part in making sure you get the best possible end product.

Step 03. Logo & Custom Message Laser Engraving

The BraaiPlank is then sent off to get our company logo and custom message requested by the client laser engraved.

NOTE: Custom laser engraving messages are optional, and cost R390 per message. To get a message engraved on to your BraaiPlank, please add this product to your BraaiPlank order.

Step 04. Sealed With Beesewax & Mineral Oil Mixture

The initial sealing process is very important to make sure the BraaiPlank does not go rancid after using it which is why we put so much effort into this next step.

We seal each and every BraaiPlank with a high quality mixture of food grade mineral oil and beeswax to make sure your BraaiPlank is ready to use as soon as you receive it.

Not only will it help it last longer, it will also give your BraaiPlank a beautiful aged dark wood look over time if properly maintained.

NOTE: Once your BraaiPlank has been sealed by us, all that is needed for maintenance is food-grade mineral oil. Grab your bottle of mineral oil here, and learn how to properly maintain your BraaiPlank here.

Step 05. Boxed & Shipped

We spent years designing the most authentic BraaiPlank packaging, because we believe a great product needs to be wrapped up the best way possible. There is no point wrapping a Ferrari in toilet paper.

Each BraaiPlank is shrink wrapped with plastic film for protection, bow tied with an old looking rope to give it that authentic look and feel, then finally placed into a firmly fitted cardboard box that's stamped with our company logo.

The perfect gift-ready packaging!

The BraaiPlank is then bubble wrapped to protect the packaging and shipped out!

Most deliveries take between 2- 5 working days nationwide, or 1 to 2 working day for Durban and surrounds.

NOTE: Ready to place your order?

Step 06. Enjoyed

As South Africans, the braai really is an intimate part of our lives. Here at BraaiPlank, we are working hard to enhance the braai experience for EVERYONE. So please ENJOY!