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BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag
BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag

BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ With Carry Bag

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This is no ordinary rocket stove. It is the first of its kind. Keep reading, and learn why this claimed the name BraaiPlank ROCKETSTOVE+ boet!

  • Made in South Africa.
  • Designed to be used with potjies, pots & pans while camping, on the beach, or at home.
  • Portable & quick to set up. Get cooking in just 30 seconds.
  • Energy-efficient. Cook an entire potjie with just a few sticks boet.
  • It's big! 51cm high, supported on a solid base that is 31cm wide with a 12cm wide tube.
  • Won't buckle, bend, or break. Made out of 2mm thick high-quality 3CR12 steel that can handle heat up to 750°C. *An extremely hot braai is only 300°C, the Rocket Stove 2.0 can handle double that!
  • Free delivery on this item. Delivery time is 2 - 5 days.
  • Lifetime, unconditional replacement warranty.

The ROCKETSTOVE+ Cooks Potjies, Steaks, Brekkies & More!

The ROCKETSTOVE+ is specifically designed to provide a stable flat base perfect for pans, pots, and even BIG heavy potjie pots.

This gives you plenty of QUICK cooking options when you are in the bush, on the beach, or even at home!

Cook a Potjie With Just a Few Sticks Boet

The ROCKETSTOVE+ is co-designed by some of South Africa's leading engineers to feed heat, wood, and air into a rocket-like funnel at just the right speed to provide the hottest and most efficient braai.

Thanks to this well-thought-out design, the ROCKETSTOVE+ can cook an entire potjie using small amounts of wood.

Easy to Pack & Assemble

The ROCKETSTOVE+ can be set up in as little as 30 seconds. 15 seconds if you are a true braai master! #ChallengeAccepted

Self Feeding & Easy Cleaning

  • Self-feeding. The perfectly angled chute and slotted base sheds ash allowing more wood to drop into the chute. This chute also sucks air into the combustion chamber for extremely efficient braaing. Just pile on the wood, grab a beer, and watch the glow.
  • Easy-cleaning. The combustion chamber is accessible through a large flap for easy cleaning.

Rock-Solid Stability

Just because the ROCKETSTOVE+ is quick to set up, that does not mean it's unstable or weak!

The ROCKETSTOVE+  is made out of 2mm thick high-quality 3CR12 Steel using precision manufacturing methods lead by some of South Africa's best engineers.

The 3CR12 steel was chosen because it can withstand temperatures of up to 700°C to 750°C. To provide context, an extremely hot braai is only 300°C. The Rocket Stove 2.0 can handle double that!

On top of that, the ROCKETSTOVE+ has a unique design that provides an extremely solid base so that it won't tip over when cooking with heavy pots.

    South African Patent Application No. 2021/05460
    South African Design Application No. F2021/00930

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    If you dont like it, then just send it back.
    If you are not satisfied with your BraaiPlank product, return it to us for a full refund. Im serious.
    We are a NO NONSENSE company.
    We will honor our guarantee and lifetime warranty unconditionally, with no fuss and no excuses.

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