Thousands of South Africans are making the best of a kak situation
"Hours of load shedding used to be painful for my family. We couldn't cook, or watch tv together. Now, when load shedding kicks in, it's a chance to cook on our rocketstove. It's fun, and brings the whole family together." - Trevor Godwin, from Karkloof, KZN.

Cook a potjie, fry some eggs, or boil a kettle with only a few sticks

Make loadshedding fun, and camping a breeze with the Rocket Stove that is taking South Africa by storm!

The BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is a "one of a kind" portable cooking device that takes the traditional rocket stove concept to another level. It's engineered to be efficient and only required a handful of wood to cook a meal.

It's not just for potjie!

The BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is perfect for boiling water to make tea or coffee. You can even use a pan on it to cook some eggs and bacon. (or fry a steak if you have the nerve). Lekker

The BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is making traditional rocket stoves obsolete

Made to last

Where traditional rocket stoves are made of mild steel and hand welded, the BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is made out of thick 3CR12 stainless steel, precision laser cut, and spot welded in place.


It's more portable than the smallest traditional rocket stoves (and more efficient than even the largest rocket stoves)

That's because of the unique collapsable design. It's perfect to carry in a bag and set up anywhere.

Easy to clean.

Unlike any other rocket stove out there, the BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is collapsable, making it easy to clean.

When you are finished using it, simple take it apart, give it a scrub and pack it away.


Unlike anything else on the market, the BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is specifically designed with a self-feeding inlet chute, an outlet chute to dispose of ash, and a vented base.

All these features work in harmony to allow the perfect amount of airflow needed to burn efficiently.

Thousands of happy customers...

We've sold thousands of our unique Rocket Stoves, and not one unhappy customer. Don't take our word for it, here are some real reviews from real customers.

We are so convinced that you will love the BraaiPlank™ Rocket Stove, that you can try it risk-free for 90 days.

Limited time and limited stock

The BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ usually sells for R2,000.00, but if you place an order before midnight tonight, you will get it for R1,799, including delivery straight to your door.

The last time we ran this promotion, we sold out before the deadline. Avoid dissapointment by ordering now.



Regular price R 2,199.00 Sale price R 1,999.00 Save R 200

Try the ROCKETSTOVE+ risk-free with our lifetime warranty.

"The best way to make a potjie! Easy convenient and what a talking point between the men! My husband having the best time setting up and making our weekend potjie. Awesome product!" - Marilise Townsend, from Alberton

Meet the fun way to cook a potjie, with no electricity and no gas - just sticks! 

The BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is a "one of a kind" portable cooking device that takes the traditional rocket stove concept to another level. It's engineered to be efficient and only requires a small bundle of wood to cook a meal.

The BraaiPlank™ ROCKETSTOVE+ is the future of outdoor portable cooking.

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What's included?

  • The Original BraaiPlank™ Rocket Stove, neatly packaged in a branded cardboard box, and bubble wrapped for protection.
  • Complimentray bundle of wood, a firelighter, and a BIC lighter to get you started on your first potjie.
  • A guarantee that you will love it, or your money back
  • An unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • Free delivery with door-to-door courier.

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The BraaiPlank™ Rocket Stove is priced in line with other products of similar quality. For R1,799, you get a precision engineered product, made out of high quality material, covered by our unconditional warranty. If it breaks, buckles or bends under normal use, simply return it for a full refund, or if you wish, a replacement.

If the price still feels a bit steep, why not make use of our PayJustNow payment method, and pay it off in 3 interest free monthly instalments?

The BraaiPlank™ Rocket Stove is covered by BraaiPlank's unconditional guarantee, that if you (or someone you bought it for) doesnt like it, you can return it to us for a full refund.

Once you have made a payment for your order, your BraaiPlank™ Rocket Stove will be sent to the address you selected using Courier Guy from our premesis in Westville, Durban. You will get a tracking number via email.

Depending on where you live, please allow 2 to 5 days for delivery. Main city centers can expect delivery in 2 to 3 days, outlying areas should expect 3 to 5 days.

Included in your order will be the BraaiPlank™ Rocket Stove neatly packaged in a branded cardboard box, and wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. You will also receive a complimentary bundle of wood, a firelighter and a bic lighter to get you started on your first potjie! (Please note, the carry bag is sold seperately)