About Us

This is the story of how the BraaiPlank™ started.

When Cedric got tired from his overflowing plate while dishing up all the delicious meat at the braai, and from using small cutting boards to offer steak tasters to his tjommies as starters at the braai, he decided to use his unique skills as a carpenter to make something better.

Ced partnered up with a local woodshop owner, an Aussie from a tool hire shop here in Durban North, and together they created something that has changed the way South Africans share starters at the braai FOREVER!

They created the biggest, thickest and hardest, plate/serving platter/carving board that South Africa has ever seen—the BraaiPlank!

But Cedric's innovation didn’t stop there. Along his journey, he discovered unique braai accessories, each meticulously crafted to enhance the braai ritual. These tools don’t just serve a purpose; they tell a story of heritage, camaraderie, and the unquenchable South African spirit.

Join us in celebrating the essence of South African braais. With BraaiPlank, every meal is a feast, every gathering a memory, and every tradition a legacy. Welcome to the BraaiPlank family.

Cedric Jansen v Vuuren, founder of BraaiPlank™