5 Braai Tips That Will Change Your Life

Braaiing is the hands-on, primal experience and there is nothing like the taste and smell of meat being braaied over hot coals.

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Braaing is one of the few things most South Africans have in common, irrespective of language, race, or culture, the love of meat cooked over a coal fire is something that we as South Africans LOVE and share.

Planning a braai with family or friends soon? impress them with these 5 braai tips that will also help make sure your braai is a HUGE success.

Tip 01. Run out of Fire Lighters no need to panic!

Soak some teabags in paraffin and they will work just as well as fire lighters.

Tip 02. Cleaning your Braai Grid

Use a brush or half a lemon or even a raw onion to scrub it down while on the fire.

Tip 03. Braai your meat in a specific order

Chicken takes the longest so it should go on the braai first, while steak is the quickest so save that for last. Everything else can be done in between.

Tip 04. Always use tongs & Never a fork

Using a fork pierces the meat and lets all the juices run out, nobody wants to eat dried out meat.

Tip 05. How to make the perfect steak?

When Braaiing the perfect steak it should always be cooked medium rare. This means it should never be on the fire for longer than 7 minutes.

Process: 2 minutes on each side and then 1 and a half minutes each side.

There’s no shortage of food at a braai always expect an overabundance of meat, salads, and of course, braaibroodjies.

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