See Why Potjie Competitions Want To Ban This Potjie Cooker

"This makes cooking a poitjie so easy, there's no way they'll allow this in competitions." - Stephen

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This genious new poitjie cooker is turning the industry on its head. With its extraordinary ability to cook poitjie kos with speed & consistency making a PERFECT poitjie every time. It's no wonder it has become the talk over every braai.

Cooking a poitjie can be a pain in the butt. Starting a fire, keeping the heat consistent. Balancing the poitjie and repeating this process for 5 hours...(if you're lucky it doesn't spill over.)

A new company called BraaiPlank that was featured on Kyknet, recently showed a 'set & forget' solution to cooking a perfect potjie quickly with perfect consistency every time.

Since then, the BraaiPlank Rocket Stove+ has become the the most sought after potjie cookers in South Africa. Word spread fast about their exceptional quality and seemingly endless benefits thanks to their patented design, designed by EXPERTengineers.

7 Reasons Why This Poitjie Cooker Sold Out in 2 Days

01. Put it together & start cooking in less than a minute

Feed a few sticks into the chute, light & the potjie will start cooking in a few minutes.

02. Poitjie kos with perfect consistency every time without monitoring it closely for hours.

The self feeding inlet chute is designed by engineers to vent & eject ash whichs allows the perfect amount of airflow & heat to suck through the rocket stove at a consistent rate.

03. It's stable on grass, sand & concrete!

The stands are specifically designed with a lip & the perfect length for maximum stability. It feels like it's gripping the floor whether it's on sand or concrete.

04. It's portable.

Take it anywhere with it's collapsable design. Simply take it apart in 30 seconds, pack it away and you're on your way!

05. Built to last.

Made out of thick 3CR12 stainless steel, precision laser cut, and spot welded in place. This thing will survive a volcano!

06. Easy to clean.

When you are finished using it, take it apart with ease, give it a quick spray down and you're on your way to the next braai.

07. Packaged like a gift.

Packed with a bundle of wood, a firelighter, a BIC lighter to get you started on your first potjie as soon as you open the box! It's also gift wrapped just just in-case it's for a loved one.

Where can you get BraaiPlank's Rocket Stove+

BraaiPlank's Rocket Stove+ are sold on their website by clicking here and on by clicking here. However, right now they are offering a one-time only R400 off discount on their own site.

UPDATE: Ever since BraaiPlank was featured on T.V, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident that they are now offering a lifetime warranty and are extending their one-time discount of R400 off.

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